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Over the last decade, increasing demand for mining commodities has led to rapid and large scale development of mining exploration and recovery activities in Pakistan. In many cases, the legislative regimes have had to react to this by developing improved legal frameworks to allow foreign and local investment in mineral extraction. However, the position varies signi´Çücantly between the more mature mining location in Balochistan for Pumice, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Fibrous Gypsum, Sulfur, PGM Ore, Mica. Lead Ore, Gypsum Selenite and Barytes Chromite, emerging markets such as China Dubai, Turkey, USA, Malaysia and Vietnam, which are faced with the challenge of trying to introduce a clear set of laws and policies to cover the technical and commercial issues of mining activities, while trying to keep pace with the rapid economic growth and demand from foreign investors. In this guide, we compare some of the legal issues faced by foreign investors when considering investment in a mining project in four of the rapidly developing mining hotspots within the Pakistan.

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